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        Supercritical fluid drying machine

        Supercritical co2 drying, Supercritical co2 drying equipment

        Supercritical drying

        supercritical co2 drying
        Supercritical co2 drying equipment


        Supercritical CO2 drying technology is a new chemical technology developed in recent years. It is a new drying method developed by utilizing the characteristics of supercritical fluid. Under supercritical conditions, supercritical fluid penetrates into the interior of the object to be dried, mild, fast and solvent. The molecules are exchanged to replace the solvent.

        Features of supercritical CO2 drying technology:

        When the dry matter is placed in a supercritical environment, the gas/liquid interface disappears, there is no liquid phase surface tension, the drying process is mild, and the damage of the material structure by the drying stress is avoided;

        supercritical drying machine
        Supercritical drying machine

        Since the supercritical fluid has a high diffusion coefficient characteristic, the dehydration drying speed is high;

        Dry desolvation is carried out under high pressure, and the desolvation process has a bactericidal effect.

        Commonly used drying techniques, such as drying at room temperature, baking and drying, etc., often inevitably cause agglomeration of materials during the drying process, resulting in coarsening of the material base particles, sharp decrease in specific surface area, and a large decrease in pores. The acquisition and the preparation of high specific surface materials are extremely disadvantageous. The supercritical drying technique is carried out under the conditions of critical pressure and critical temperature of the drying medium.

        Advantages of supercritical CO2 drying technology:

        It can be carried out under mild conditions, so it is especially suitable for the drying of heat sensitive materials;

        supercritical drying equipment
        supercritical drying equipment

        It can effectively dissolve and extract large-molecular-weight, high-boiling, non-volatile substances;

        The organic solvent can be easily removed from the solid material by changing the operating conditions.


        In recent years, as a new type of drying process, supercritical fluid drying technology has developed rapidly. A number of results have been applied to industrial production to date. For example, drying of anti-biomass pharmaceuticals, preparation of aerogels, and treatment of cells in food and pharmaceutical raw materials, and the like.


        Device size        

        Effective volume of drying kettle          

        Design Features



        The system configuration is the most complete, the design parameters are the widest, and the most widely used for supercritical drying small test research needs of various materials;

        Equipped with various safety devices and explosion-proof devices to protect the experimental operators, the system is safe and reliable;

        The process pipeline can be changed and expanded at any time according to user needs;

        The device performance is excellent, the operation is simple, and the experimental data is stable and reliable;

        Select a variety of high-quality fittings for easy cleaning, maintenance, maintenance and replacement of accessories, suitable for laboratory test.

        Pilot production


        The routing and equipment are planned and configured according to the customer-specified materials;

        Equipped with various safety devices and explosion-proof devices to protect the experimental operators, the system is safe and reliable;

        Designed with a unique quick-opening structure, good airtightness, simple and reliable operation;

        High level of self-control, stable and reliable product quality and experimental data, suitable for industrial scale to obtain design basis and small-scale production;

        Industrial production


        The process layout is scientific and reasonable, the operation parameters are designed and selected, the heat and mass transfer efficiency is high, the energy consumption is low, and the product quality is stable and reliable;

        Equipped with safety devices and explosion-proof devices of different principles to protect the field operators, the system is safe and reliable;

        The level of self-control is high, the whole process operation is fully automatic control and operation, and it can be remotely monitored and remotely supported.

        Supercritical drying equipment includes drying system, separation system, pressurization system, heat exchange system, heating system, refrigeration system, safety system, electrical system, instrument automatic control system, data transmission remote monitoring system, recycling system, filling system, tube Various functional systems such as road valves and auxiliary systems, each set is designed according to the process route and operating parameters of different reaction materials. The specific configuration and process plan will be adjusted according to the different needs of customers to achieve the device. The best price/performance ratio.