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        300L*3 Supercritical co2 extraction equipment in Hungary
        Supercritical CO2 Extruction

        Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction(SCFE)technology is the latest subject of modern chemical separation technology,Supercritical CO2 Extraction Equipment is on the rise of a kind of advanced separation technology.Supercritical CO2 Fluid Extraction is refers to under certain pressure and temperature in the extractor the solvent and the extract contact fully then the solute spread to the solvent and then change the working conditions in the separator to dissolved substances precipitation achieve the purpose of separation.The critical temperature of Co2 is 31 C and the critical pressure is 7.4MPA,and it is higher than the critical state density close to liquid and the viscosity is close to the gas about the diffusion coefficient is 100times to the liquid.So it has a strong ability to dissolve.


        Volume level

        Experimental level:0.1L--5L Click Here

        Pilot production level:10L-72L Click Here

        Industrial production level:72L--4500L Click Here

        Pressure level

        Standard level:50MPa(7260psi)

        60MPa level(8710 psi)

        70MPa level(10160psi)

        80MPa level(1161lpsi)

        Customer can specific choose according to theprocess conditions.


        Type Specification Pressure Combined type
        SCF120-50-(0.1-0.5) 0.1-0.5L 32MPa-50Mpa one extracting pot-two separating pot
        SCF120-50-01 1L 50Mpa one extracting pot-two separating pot
        SCF120-50-01 1L 50Mpa one extracting pot-two separating pot
        SCF121-50-01 1L 50Mpa one extracting pot-two separating pot-one column
        SCF120-50-02 2L 50Mpa one extracting pot-two separating pot
        SCF121-50-01 2L 50Mpa one extracting pot-two separating pot-one column
        SCF230-50-06 5L+1L 50Mpa two extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF231-50-06 5L+1L 50Mpa two extracting pot-three separating pot-one column
        SCF120-50-10 10L 50Mpa one extracting pot-two separating pot
        SCF230-50-48 24L+24L 50Mpa two extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-72 24L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-150 50L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-300 100L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-600 200L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-900 300L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-1500 500L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-3000 1000L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot
        SCF330-50-4500 1500L*3 50Mpa three extracting pot-three separating pot


        Plant Rhodiola sachalinensis A.Bor. Glycyrrhiza Taxus
        Constituent Salidroside Glycyrrhizic acid Taxol
        Plant Astragalus Folium Ginseng Musk deer
        Constituent Astragalus Ginsenoside Musk
        Plant Rhizoma Chuanxiong Flos Caryophyli Amomum compactum
        Constituent Oil of Rhizoma Chuanxiong Essential oil of Flos Caryophyli Oil of amomum compactum
        Plant Antibiotic HerbaArtemisiae Annuae Evening primrose
        Constituent Exsolution Abrotine Oil of evening primrose
        Plant Bottom oil Yolk powder Soy bean
        Constituent Vitamin E Lecithin Phosphatide
        Plant Grape seed Medlar seed Fructus Hippophae
        Constituent Oil of grape seed Oil of medlar seed Oil of Fructus Hippophae seed
        Plant Wheat Corn Tobacco
        Constituent Germ oil Germ oil Nicotine coffee
        Plant Cumin Fish Zingiber Corallimum
        Constituent Cumin oil DHA EPA Zingiber oil
        Plant Tea Hop Chili
        Constituent Polyphenols of tea Hop concrete Chili pigment
        Plant Garlic Zanthoxylum L. Ginkgo
        Constituent Garlic oil zanthoxylum oil ginkgo flavone
        Plant Sweet osmanthus Rose Jasmine
        Constituent Osmanthus oily flavor Rose flavor Jasmine flavor
        Plant Rice shell Tomato Lavender
        Constituent Aerogel Lycopene Lavender oil
        We can configure the corresponding volume pressure tempe rature and the extraction column of the equipment according to the produc lion process of the customer.


        CO2 Supply
        Super ical
        Continuous Process System
        PLC Intellectualization Control System PLC
        Recovery System Of Gas CO2
        Clamp Quick-opening Structure
        Repeated Use Of Extraction Seal

          The advantage of our company

        • Intelligent:PLC intelligent control the pressure,temperature and other paraneters,and the interface is intuitive and convenient.
        • Using clamp quick-opening structure and use hydraulic or fitigutmiatie lifting device.
        • High pressure:The maximum working pressure of the extractor is70MPa.
        • Safety:With hardware security protection measures and in the software system that when over pressure the pump will be stop
        • Energy waving:CO2 can be recycling use and the heating mode can choose stem heating or electric heating.
        • Efficient:To optimize the extraction process and the daily capacity can be increased by 66%.
        Fields Application

        1. Extracting effective ingredient from traditional Chinese medicines

        2. Concentraction and purification of pharmaceutical ingredients

        3. Separating and purification of fatty mixtures

        4. Removing of organic solvents


        1. Separating of bacteria

        2. Extracting of essence and flavor

        3. Extracting of animal fat, plant fat and fatty solubility ingredients

        4. Extracting of plant alkali

        5. Extracting of food colorant

        6. Removing odor, color, acid and organic solvents


        1. Extracting of essence and flavor

        2.Purification of essence and flavor


        1. Separating of oil and residual oil

        2. Clean of oil core

        3.The regeneration of the lubricating oil

        Chemical industry

        Separating of hydrocarbon

        2. Purification of chemical synthesis material

        3. Separating of co-boiling mixture

        。 4. Recovery of reacted material


        1. Removing harmful metal ion from matenal soil and radiation waste water

        2. Fine cleaning

        Others Super-conduction, semi-conduction, ceramics, catalytic reaction of enzyme, super-fine particles and supercritical reaction
        About Us
        Borisbang Industrial Technology (BIT)
        Borisbang Industrial Technology (BIT) have more than 20 years of experience in the production of supercritical extraction plant, mainly focuses on the development and production of supercritical CO2 extraction equipment domestic, has formed a series of production capacity of medium and small test (production) equipment. Our products are all over the country, and have been exported to the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries. Our products are widely used in medicine, food, flavors, spices, such as the extraction of effective ingredients, fine separation.